June VHF Contest ROVER Plans

Posted By: K3LFO

The K3LFO/R Rover team will be out running 50 Mhz through 3456 Mhz for the June Contest. We are planning a medium rove starting on the eastern shore of Maryland and ending up on Skyline Drive. Our route and approximate times are listed below. We were going to leave out FM27 because we don’t get much activity there and it’s another 2 hour drive, but we decided to give it one more chance. So PLEASE look our way during the first ½ hour of the contest in FM27.

We’ve fixed the rover starter battery and taken care of a few other service problems. The RF systems have been checked out and all is working well. We even netted the transverters on frequency. It’s not perfect but within 1 or 2 Khz versus the 18 Khz off frequency we had on 3456.

Our run frequency on 2 meters will be 144.245. If you call us and don’t hear us try back in a few minutes as we will be returning back to this frequency often in between searching and pouncing.

DISCLAIMER: All times are relative and subject to change due to band conditions!

Saturday June 13

1800z-1900z – FM27bx (Crisfield, MD, Eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay)

2100 – 2230 – FM28aw (Queen Anne, Army Reserve Center)

2300 – 0030 – FM29aa (Rt 481 & 304, Community Center)

0100 – 0200 – FM18ux (Near Bay Bridge Rt 50 at Airport)

0200 – 0330 – Travel to FM19jj (W3DIO’s Home QTH Driveway and sleep)

Sunday June 14

1200 – 1400 – FM19kj (Mount Airy, MD)

1530 – 1800 – FM09ur (Sidling Hill near Hancock, MD, elv 1200’)

2100 – 0300 – FM08us (Skyline Drive – Hogback Overlook, elv 3385’)

Note: More details and updates to this may be forthcoming…


50 Mhz TS-2000x TE Systems Amp 400w out PAR MOXON 5.6 db

144Mhz TS-2000x TE Systems Amp 400w Out DS144-6RS 10.1db

222Mhz DEMI 222-28 Mirage Amp 110w Out DSFO222-10RS 11.4db

432Mhz TS-2000x TE Systems Amp 185w Out DSFO432-15RS 13.5db

903Mhz DEMI 902-28 30w Out DS3333LY 18.5 db

1296Mhz TS2000x DEMI Amp 120w Out DS2345LY 20.5 db

2304Mhz SSBE TV Spectrum Amp 50w Out DS1345LY 20db

3456Mhz DEMI 13-144 1w Out DS976LY 23.4db

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