2006 Fall Sprints

Posted By: W3DIO

The Preparation:

The nice thing of having a dedicated rover is that there is little preparation involved in getting prepared. As we typically keep the mast raised on the RV when it is parked at K3LFO’s house, There was nothing required to get ready. Just the way we like it!

The real preparation involved Dave calling Jim and asking if he was ready to get on the air.

The Equipment:

TS-2000x (144/222/432/1296 Primary)
TS-2000x (50 Primary, 144 Secondary)
IC-706MK2G (903)
DEM 222-28 for 222 Mhz
DEM 902-28 FOR 903 Mhz
TE Systems 1452G (144 Mhz – 350 watts)
TE System 4452G (432 Mhz – 175 watts)
Mirage C211G (222 Mhz – 110 watts)
SSB Electronics 2304 Receive/Transmit Converters (144Mhz IF)
2304 Amplifier board (70watts max)
Power System
2 – West Mountain Super Pwrgate’s
2 – 115 AH Deep Cycle Batteries (Radios)
1 – 115 AH Deep Cycle Battery (Amps)
600 watt Power Inverter (RFI Quiet)
2 – Astron SS-30 Switching Supply (Radios)
1 – Astron RS-70m (Amps)
28v from Combined Astron-RS-70m and12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery
Used to power 2304 amplifier board
Onan 2800 watt Generator

The Configuration:

Band Power Antenna
6 meters 100W PAR Stressed Moxon
6 meters (Secondary) 100W M2 6M HO LOOP
2 meters 350W Directive Systems
2 meters (Secondary) 100W M2 2M HO LOOP
1 1/4 meters 110W Cushcraft 11 Element
70cm (432) 175W Directive Systems
33cm (903) 30W Directive Systems
33 Element Looper
23cm (1296) 10W Directive Systems
45 Element Looper
13cm (2304) 40W TBD

2 Meters (144 Mhz.) – September 18, 2006

We got on and operated for about 3 1/2 hours. The band conditions were excellent and we were suprised by some of the stations we were able to work. K1WHS was coming in with a solid s8.
We actually got more multipliers in the
little time we operated during the sprint then we did all weekend long on 2 meters during the September VHF contest as K3LFO/R. Dave worked N4XD in FM05 on CW. His signal was very weak and it was a very difficult contact. N4XD hung in there with us and eventually we completed the contact.


    Band      QSOs          QSO pts.      Mults.
    144        41            41            20
    TOTALS     41            41           20

                          Claimed score = 820

1 1/4 Meters (222 Mhz.) – September 26, 2006

Operated this time from 7am until almost 9:45. I think we worked everyone we we’re going to work by then. Worked as far south as FM05 and FM14 and as far west on EN90. As usual the DEM 222 Transverter performed flawlessly. The Mirage amp really worked well as well. Worked K1TEO who came in with a booming s7. Thanks everyone for being on. I anticipate that next weeks 432 Sprint will be even more active.


    Band      QSOs          QSO pts.      Mults.
    222        24            24            12
    TOTALS     24            24           12

                          Claimed score = 288

70cm (432 Mhz.) – Oct. 4th, 2006

Well I operated out of the rover parked in the driveway at Dad’s house
which really wasn’t the best location and it didn’t help that band
conditions were dismal. Never heard K1WHS or K1TEO up to the North East.
In fact the furthest north was FN10. Conditions to the south were a
little bit better as i worked FM06 on CW. Most of my contacts were made
in the first hour after which was alot of CQ’s with no response.


    2006 432-MHz Sprint                     W3DIO

    Band      QSOs          QSO pts.      Mults.
    432        14            14            7
    TOTALS     14            14           7

                          Claimed score = 98

33/23/13cm (903/1296/2304) – October 14th, 2006


We have recently acquired a SSB Electronics 2304-144 Transverter and 40 watt amplifier board as well as a yagi from Brian ND3F. We hooked it all up on Sunday October 8th, only to find out that on transmit the amplifier put out no power. Upon further investigation we determined that the 28 volt power supply was dropping down to 0 volts on key down. After tinkering with that for a while we decided to hook a 12volt supply in series with a 12 volt deep discharge battery using alligator clips. Hooked it up to the 28-volt amplifier board and presto. The amplifier put out about 35 watts. This was into the dummy load. Unfortunately I was on-call for work so time was cut short and we didn’t mount the antenna on the stack. We will need to wire up a more permanent solution for 28 volts before next Saturday.

6 Meters (50 Mhz.) – Octobert 21st, 2006


We have a 5 element KLM 6 meter beam that requires a new balun and some love and care. We hope to find time to get this repaired before the 6 meter sprint.

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