Battery Backup System – 11/16/2007

Posted By: W3DIO

We already have battery backup in place for our two radio power systems that are located in the front closet; however, we do not have any kind of power systems backup for the amplifiers and transverters located in the back closet.

So we decided this was a problem we wanted to solve for a few reasons. Some of the beams are high enough off the roof when in motion to still use somewhat, we will still need continue on if the generator fails on us, and there may be times we want to operate from a campsite at night where generators are not allowed to be run during certain hours.


New equiptment on order – 11/15/2007

Posted By: W3DIO

Today we ordered a new TE Systems 0552g for 6 meters. So we will be running about 375 watts out on 6 meters instead of 100 watts. This will be on the moxon at the top of the mast. The M2 6m square loop will still be 100 watts.

We also recently ordered the Down East Microwave 3456 transverter and Directive Systems 976LY (3456 76 element looper). We are also in the process of acquiring a Toshibha 50 watt amplifier for 3.5ghz.