Fall Maintenance – 09/30/2007

Posted By: W3DIO

We’ve added a link to contain our Rover maintenance and projects schedule. Already started on some of the work. Replaced a faulty propane valve, and serviced the house batteries. The RV has two 12volt 105AH lead acid batteries wired up in parallel. Had to clean up some corrosion on the contacts and put in ALOT of distilled water as the battery was really low. This is the first time since we got the RV that we have done this so not really a big suprise.

2007 September VHF QSO Party

Posted By: W3DIO

We had a fun time during the September VHF QSO Party. There was nice tropo Sunday evening that made it all worth while. We made 18 contacts on our new band, 2304. We typically don’t rove during the January VHF Contest, but we will probably have 240 watts on 903 by then. We may even have 3456 installed. It will definately be in long before we go to Dayton. Our plan is also to repackage the 2304 transverter as the amp board is exposed and not shielded currently. It also takes up far more space than it needs to presently.