2007/2008 Rover Maintenance/Project Schedule

List of Maintenance to be performed on the Rover:

  • Have leaky propane valve replaced - 09/29/2007
  • Inspect lower mast for damage - 10/27/2007
  • Replace bent stop bolt on lower mast - 10/27/2007
  • Replace winch mount to use 4 bolts - 10/27/2007
  • Perform maintenance on RV house batteries - 09/29/2007
  • Install new wiper blades - 11/11/2007
  • Inspect House Charging System and verify it is still charging RV House Batteries - 09/29/2007
  • Have AC looked at to see what is involved in making it work properly.
  • Make new side anchors that have longer handles on them to make it easier to tie down mast while out on the rove.
  • Straighten 1st director on 2 meter beam
  • Replace curly-Q ubolts with diamond plate for 1296 mount.
  • Replace 222 coax run.
    Note: Turns out the amp was tripping due to overdrive. Adjusted transverter and now problem has gone away.
  • Figure out what is wrong with our new 222 Rover antenna. We are still using an old Cushcraft antenna that was found burried under the deck and it over 30 years old.
  • Check SWR on 1296 antenna and see if we can resolve. Once SWR is checked then retest AMP at full power.
    Note: Discovered problem at the end of the coax near connector on antenna. Removing tie-wrapps close to connector seemed to take stress off connector and fix SWR issue.
  • Pick up and install replacement universal windshield washer.
  • Replace RV Fire Extinguisher
  • Get the oil changed on the RV
  • Winterize RV - 11/11/2007
  • Replace 6 meter coax run between Moxon and new TE Systems Amplifier.
  • Inspect Moxon mast mount and fix if necessary.

Projects to be completed before Dayton 2008:

  • Construct and Install RF patch panel near operating position
  • Construct and install Power Panel and DC relay system
  • Add a run of #8 AWG wire from House battery system to Power Inverter
  • Add a run of #4 AWG wire from House battery system to provide backup power to amps and transverters.
  • Complete 903 Amplifier and install in Rover. Check SWR before installing amplifier.
  • Re-package 2304 TV and Amp in RF Shielded boxes to fit on 2304 shelf in rear closet
  • Acquire 3456TV/Amp/Antenna and install package in Rover.
  • Install new TE Systems 0552G 400 watt amp

Future Projects:

  • Design, build and install new tabletop for Rover operation to house radios and Computer monitors to clear space on table for actual operating.
  • Install two dedicated computers in the RV for contest operation.
  • Design and build 5/10ghz mounts to complete the rover.

Things we need:

  • Bird Slug that will handle 100 watts at 2304
  • Bird Slug that will handle 250 watts at 903
  • Bird Slug that will handle 400 watts on 50 mhz
  • Some sort of relative power meter for microwaves on 3456 and up
  • 222 Transverter to use on square loops.
Updated: 11/11/2007