Repairs Repairs Repairs

Posted By: W3DIO

Well over the winter we ended up coming down with a problem with the starter battery.   We removed it, took it into the garage and added some distilled water and charged it up and it now appears to be holding a charge.  I guess from sitting so much during the freezing temperatures that the water in the battery just froze.  We also had a problem where the generator wouldn’t start for its monthly test in December.  After servicing the starter battery and getting the engine running again, the generator started right up so I guess we can only assume water vapor got in the gas line and froze.

My Dad, Jim (K3LFO), drove the RV this past week up to the Emissions test center.  They require emissions test every two years yet everytime we go up there they tell us they will not test our vehicle, give us a waiver and send us on our way.  For some reason they wont just give us a permanent waiver so we dont have to waste the gas to drive the RV up there in the first place. *SHRUG*.. Anyhow so our emissions are good for another two years hi hi.

We still have some maintenance to do on the mast assembly and some improvements to integrate before the June contest.  Hopefully we will make some progress lol  Ham radio for me has taken a back seat since I’ve had some major life changes recently in my life.  Hopefully things will calm down soon so I can spend some time on both lol