New Equipment for 3456 Mhz

Posted By: K3LFO

Slowly but surely we are aquireing the necessary parts and pieces for 3456.  We have received the 976LY Directive Systems 76 el Loop Yagi.  The LMR600 for this antenna is already in hand as well.  All we need is a couple of square mast plates and U bolts, and some good weather to install it.

WE picked up a 50 watt amplifier from Ed K3DNE who decided not to use it.  It just needs a heat sync and some connector wiring.

The 3456-144 is still on order from Down East Microwave.  It will require cabling up a 4P1T coax relay for the 144 Mhz IF and a switch box to control it. 

I doubt if 3456 will be running by the January contest but I’m sure it will be on for next June! 

QSL Cards

Posted By: W3DIO

I’ve been a ham for 20 years and I just now received my first QSL cards. So if you work me, I’ll be sure to send you one 😉




Posted By: W3DIO

After an intense 11 week course, tonight I passed the Amateur Extra Exam. It was a REALLY easy test once I knew and understood the material, formulas and such. Roland (K3RA) is an excellent teacher. If your interested in upgrading your license class or getting your license for the first time you should consider taking his course. He teaches 3 classes a year. One class for each license class (Technician, General, Extra). What does this mean for me? Probably not much in the near future. I’m a weak signal contest guy. But It was an excellent excuse to learn a lot of material in a short period of time that I have been meaning to learn.

73’s and see you around the bands,

W3DIO/AE – Dave